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The year 2020 will go to the history as the year when the whole world without exception got hit by the insidous virus outbreak of Covid-19. Consequences & restrictions affected everyone on the planet in various ways. 

For us runners the most immediate effect of Covid-19 was probably all fantastic races that were cancelled. Races are super important as they serve as motivation & objective for many people & a way to maintain training & pushing us that extra mile.

With no races you get to create your own adventures, right! Not races, adventures. Add some creativity & enterprising spirit to the always existing urge to go running. It's also more fun to run together & help each other to go out on those really long session that you might not do alone.

As a positive consequence we'll come up with some nice trail adventures, that we hope to share with many fantastic ultra runners in the coming future. We call such an adventure a POP-UP RUN.  Like everything else we @ Run Raisers do, we will at the same time run for charity. Our choice is to support & raise money to the super important work of The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation (Barndiabetesfonden). We gather everything under #Run4Diabetes in social media.


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We support Barndiabetesfonden 2022


HEAD LAMP ON! Conquer the darkness: the 1st NIGHT TRAIN Fri Nov 6 - 2020! 

A tough nightly trail adventure of 100 km along Sörmlandsleden from Nynäshamn to Stockholm City. We call it the NIGHT TRAIN. The goal is to finish. We run for charity. We raise money for The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation #Run4Diabetes. Salomon & Runners’ Store support the "train". Note! This is not a race, but a useful long run!

Simple concept:

  • We commute together on the train kl. 21:06 from Sthlm City, arriving in Nynäsgård station kl. 22:07 (we meet in the last carriage)
  • On the station maps with marked water resources will be handed out
  • Kl. 22:20 we start as a group. If more than 45 runners, the rest will start 10 min after
  • NOTE! Mandatory to have the route in your watch/mobile!
  • GPX-file can be downloaded HERE
  • "Finish" at Runners’ Store (Regeringsg. 26) where a small goodie-bag wait for you

Important! All participants...

    • ...Run self supported - bring appropriate clothes, your planned energy + head lamp & safety blanket (foil)
    • ...Run completely at own risk in a tempo you can manage
    • ...Must carry an old start bib from a race of choice
    • ...May gladely stay after finish to join for a lunch/brunch together - more info to come
    • ...Choose what sign up-fee you want to pay (=donation): 200 kr, 300 kr, 500 kr or higher amount of choice*

*All sign up-fees (-100 kr/participants) will be donated to Barndiabetesfonden for the finishing participants.

Swish to (recipient Run Raisers): 1231082122

Link to Facebook-event HERE

Sigh up by sending your namn + mobile number to: info@runraisers.com


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