Ante Sladic vineyard
Wine tasting Ante Sladic
Ante Sladic family
Ante Sladic vineyard
Wine tasting Ante Sladic
Wine tasting Ante Sladic
Wine tasting Ante Sladic


Type of Activity:                             Tour

Duration (excl. transport):           1.5 hours

Food included:                               Yes

Drinks included:                            Yes

Distance to Activity:                      10 km

(from Skradin)

Activity Price/Person (from):       €40


Težačka 2, Skradin 22222


Description of Activity

We present you a trip to the family winery Sladić that produces wine from their own vineyards, made exclusively from indigenous varieties of the Skradin area!

Liqueurs are produced from the high-quality grappa “lozovača” macerated with wild fruits which grow in nature in the village Plastovo.
Tastings include professional presentation of all winery products, ways of vinification, grape varieties and vineyards.

WINES AND BITES (1.5h) €40/person:
- Wine and food pairing – groceries from Sladic and other family farms. Home made bread, vegetable and spices from there own garden. Sladic extra virgin olive oil in every meal.
- 5 different wines + 1 liqueur, 6 snacks
Tasting starts at 13:00; 15:00; 17:00
TASTE OF HOME (3h) $120/person:
- UNIQUE ENO-GASTRO EXPERIENCE Food courses inspired by tradition and made from local groceries are perfectly paired with the wines. The presentation is done by the winemaker himself.
- 6 different wines + 2 liqueurs, 7 food courses
(Small groups only)

Restrictions of Activity

Minimum age 18 yo